Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Concerto No. 17 in G Major, K. 453


This package published in 2020 includes updated versions of a set of piano concerto MIDI files, an Aria Player configuration file and a read-me file from Virtual Collaborations originally published in 2018.  In addition to being available to new purchasers, it is also available for download at no additional charge to those who have previously purchased the original publication.  The product includes all three movements of the concerto, fully orchestrated, and requires both Home Concert Xtreme and the software tone generator titled Garritan Personal Orchestra 5, available for Mac and PC from MakeMusic (www.garritan.com).

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This 3-movement work is scored for solo piano, flute, 2 oboes, 2 bassoons, 2 French horns, violins I & II, violas, violoncellos, and contrabasses. The solo keyboard part is split into separate left- and right-hand tracks for score display and score following. The movements are:

  • Allegro
  • Andante
  • Allegretto—Finale: Presto

The product comes with separate MIDI files for each of the individual movements as well as a MIDI file for the complete work. Also included is an Aria configuration file for Garritan Personal Orchestra 5 so that you can load the instruments quickly with proper configuration. In addition, there are instructions for setting up a Mac or PC to work with Home Concert Xtreme, Garritan Personal Orchestra 5, and your MIDI keyboard.

Home Concert Xtreme works with thousands of MIDI files from various publishers. This particular file is distinguished by virtue of the expert editing for realistic playback using the Garritan Personal Orchestra 5 software tone generator.

With Mac or PC, MIDI keyboard instrument, Garritan Personal Orchestra 5, and this MIDI file, you can create an amazing environment for practicing and performing this work with a virtual orchestra that actually follows your playing!