Merry and Mellow by Paul Sheftel – MIDI Edition


This product consists of 14 MIDI files that were composed and arranged by Paul Sheftel. They are designed for use with Home Concert Xtreme. According to the composer: “Don’t miss this one! You would not want to go through life without this collection.”

The printed book, Merry and Mellow, is not included in this purchase and is now out of print. However, the complete publication (score and MIDI tracks) is available as a SuperScore publication from CyberConservatory.

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This collection consists of fourteen little pieces that introduce varied challenges for the elementary student and make ideal recital pieces. The pieces can be learned by reading or by rote. Study notes are included in the published book. Of course the piano part is backed by Paul’s charming MIDI accompaniments.

Use these MIDI files interactively with Home Concert Xtreme. Show the piano tracks in notation on the computer screen. Set your own tempo. Use Learn mode and the on-screen keyboard to figure out the notes. Use Jam mode for steady practice. Loop sections for repeated practice.

  • All Thumbs
  • Chimes
  • Circles
  • Crazy Machine
  • For My Own Amazement
  • March
  • Not All Thumbs
  • Quiet Thoughts
  • Real Cool
  • Sort of Perky
  • Sorts
  • Sunrise
  • Sunset
  • The Stocking