• 88 Piano Keys

    88 Piano Keys publishes the piano compositions of Leila Viss, which feature inspirational works that are composed in contemporary and tuneful styles, especially appropriate for the late intermediate level pianist.

  • Alfred Publishing Co.

    Alfred Music, the leader in music education for 94 years, produces educational, reference, pop, and performance materials for teachers, students, professionals, and hobbyists spanning every musical instrument, style, and difficulty level.

    Alfred Music is now also paired with MakeMusic, which is part of Peaksware Holdings, LLC portfolio of companies, to transform how music is composed, published, taught, learned, and performed by bringing together the leaders in educational music publishing and music technology.

  • Artistry at the Piano

    Artistry at the Piano is the culminating work of Mary Gae George and her late husband, the distinguished composer Jon George. Their broad experience as performers, teachers, authors, and composers resulted in this innovative course of study that takes beginning students of all ages to the threshold of the advanced piano literature.

    With Artistry at the Piano the Georges solved the issues that previously frustrated the efforts of teachers and students while giving them what has been described as the most beautiful music ever composed for elementary pianists.

  • Boosey & Hawkes

    Boosey & Hawkes is the largest specialist classical music publishing company in the world.  Boosey currently offers works by Christopher Norton on the SuperScore platform.

    Chris Norton is a highly original and engaging musician and pedagogue. He is well known for teaching materials that make contemporary music styles accessible to beginning and intermediate level students.

  • Bradley Sowash Music

    Bradley Sowash Music publishes jazz-inspired repertory and instructional materials for beginning to advanced pianists that emphasize self-expression through improvisation, applied chord theory, and contemporary rhythmic styles. Additional products and publications include handmade wooden teaching tools and works for choir, orchestra, string quartet, large and small jazz ensembles.

  • CN Connections Music

    CN Connections Music is the publisher of Christopher Norton’s Connections for Piano (10 volumes), already a popular series throughout the world.

    The series is now wholly owned by the composer, who is based in Stratford, Ontario (Canada).

  • Carl Fischer

    For over 140 years, Carl Fischer Music has been a leader in educational music publishing. Since its founding in 1872, Carl Fischer Music has had a deep and abiding commitment to sharing traditional and contemporary music with the world.

  • Carol Matz Piano

    Carol Matz has composed, authored, and arranged over 300 published titles for piano students. An experienced piano teacher herself, Carol has presented numerous piano-teaching workshops throughout the United States, Canada, England, New Zealand, and Australia.

    In addition to publishing under the name Carol Matz Piano, Ms. Matz is well known for her Famous & Fun series published by Alfred Music and available in SuperScore.

  • Casarotti Klavier Publisher

  • CyberConservatory

    CyberConservatory was founded by George F. Litterst and Paul Sheftel with the mission of bringing new creative resources to teachers and students.

    CyberConservatory produces engaging, interactive publications for piano students, ranging from beginners to late intermediate level players to adult music hobbyists.

  • Debra Wanless Music

    Debra Wanless Music publishes a broad range of piano works in a wide range of styles for all skill levels. Our works include original piano solos, arrangements and ensembles, as well as piano method and theory series, written and keyboard harmony collections and technique books. Our catalogue is a treasure trove of new and exciting works.

  • Disegni Music

    Disegni Music is the publishing company of Colorado-based composer Loretta Notareschi. With music described as “powerful,” “alluring,” and “touching,” Notareschi seeks to connect with audiences and move listeners with music of meaning.

  • FJH

    The FJH Music Company, Inc. was founded In January of 1988 by Frank and Gail Hackinson. Their children Kevin, Kyle, and Kerry have been with the company since its inception. As President and CEO, Frank J. Hackinson has built one of the nation's most exciting, best-selling educational print music catalogs. Featuring the publications of Helen Marlais, consisting of Succeeding at the Piano® Succeeding with the Masters®, The Festival Collection®, and In Recital® to name a few, this outstanding piano catalog continues to raise the level of music education to new heights.

  • Hal Leonard

    Hal Leonard is the world's largest educational music publisher, with the #1 methods for learning guitar, piano, and school music instruments, plus publications for learning virtually every instrument imaginable.

    Hal Leonard is also the leading publisher of songbooks; Real Books and fake books; sheet music; band, orchestra and choral arrangements for schools; music reference publications; children's music products; educational magazines; and more. Many new titles are enhanced with supplemental audio and video files online for download and streaming.

    In its catalog of more than 1 million available titles, Hal Leonard represents many of the world's best known and most respected publishers, artists, songwriters, arrangers and musical instrument manufacturers. Its products are sold in more than 65 countries throughout the world through Hal Leonard offices and a large network of distributors.

  • Harbridge Publishing House

    Harbridge Publishing House is a publisher of digital and printed sheet music, specializing in high quality editions and arrangements of piano music. Each score has been carefully researched to adhere to the composer’s original intentions and to provide many hours of enjoyment and musical education.

    Harbridge Publishing House also offers design services for a variety of products such as book and logo design.

  • JLA Music

    JLA Music publishes the finest music from around the world in a wide variety of styles and instrumental genres. Our master catalog offers originals and arrangements of jazz, pop, rock, classical, blues, and more for piano, guitar, violin, vibraphone, ukulele, as well as other instruments and voices. Levels range from beginning to advanced, with solo and ensemble music designed for both music education and performance. Providing a wide range of music services, JLA Music has been in business since 1979, owned and operated by Jeff Anvinson.

  • JSW Music

    JSW Music is the work of British composer, Jenny Walker, who has published several piano pieces with Piano Pronto and has a number of self-published works. Her piece, Mourne Passage, previously entitled The Stream, won first prize in a competition run by the European Piano Teachers Association in 2014 and is indicative of her Irish heritage and love of Debussy. Jenny Walker is a successful solo pianist and founder of a ladies singing group, and her works now include compositions for female choir.

  • Jonny B Productions

    Jonny B Productions publishes the interactive percussion curriculum created by Jonathan Baer. This curriculum consists of 8 method books designed to help master time, rhythm, phrasing, musicianship, sight reading, percussive technique, coordination, and creativity. The method provides a complete tool for teaching drum set in both private lessons and group classes. 

  • Lazarus Publications

    Lazarus Publications is a continuing effort by Penny Lazarus, NCTM, to ensure that piano students of all ages have access to high-quality melodic arrangements of music by under-represented composers. Although many arrangements of classical melodies exist, they are mostly based on music created by white European men. Lazarus Publications was started to give a voice to women and BIPOC composers and make their music available to students in their earliest years of study.

    Through her teaching studio, Penny and her 45 students raise money to commission college level composers to write these arrangements. All earnings from the sale of the pieces will be returned to the Women’s and BIPOC Historic Composer Project for the Developing Pianist, so that students can practice diversity, equity and inclusion throughout their musical endeavors.

  • Little Gems for Piano

    Little Gems for Piano books are like magic for aspiring piano students of all ages. Authored by Paula Dreyer, these publications enable pianists all over the world to express themselves easily through impressive and rewarding music. These “Little Gems” are sure to intrigue any student with the use of colorful sonorities, impressive repeated patterns, and a variety of registers. From the earliest rote piece, to the advanced sounds of world music, pianists of all levels and ages will be delighted and captivated by the “Little Gems.”

  • MusiKeys

    Specializing in music theory and piano technique, Musikeys publications offer practical, digital solutions for learning music that can be applied during music lessons and during practice at home.

  • Music By Ian Green Inc.

    Music By Ian Green Inc. publishes the compositions and arrangements of composer Ian Green, based out of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Each piece within the catalogue has been selected to support the development of pianists of all ages. The publications vary in performance level from beginning to advanced repertoire.

  • Music Perceptions

    Music Perceptions creates fresh, new ways to teach essential musicianship skills. Company CEO, LeAnn Halvorson, is a music educator who has been writing music and recording MIDI files since 1987 with the goal of engaging students in meaningful activities that lead to musical understanding and a love of playing.

  • Music for Young Children

    MYC provides the best quality music education to young children by blending the pleasure and the joy of music making with sound instruction.

  • Musical Minds Online

    Musical Minds Online publishes engaging pop-style piano music exclusive to their video-on-demand curriculum. Songs are graded according to concepts learned in the Musical Minds Online Series. Everyone is sure to love this fresh sounding approach to learning how to play piano!

  • Nathan Shirley

    Classical composer & pianist Nathan Shirley has received over half a dozen national and international awards for his solo, chamber, and orchestral compositions. He has composed more than 150 original works for his piano method, Piano Revealed. This method is the result of over 15 years of work, with the goal of creating simple yet engaging music without compromising artistic quality.

  • Notfabriken Music Publishing

    Notfabriken Music Publishing is a Swedish music publisher, founded in 2002. It is one of the largest publishers in Scandinavia. The company’s catalog includes sheet music, song books, pop tunes, and educational material.

  • Novus Via Music Group

    Novus Via Music Group is dedicated to bridging the gap between aspirations and achievement. The mission of Novus Via Music Group is to effect positive change. Novus Via Music delivers a musically comprehensive and engaging education for diverse types of students.

  • Ogilvy Music

    Ogilvy Music publishes original piano solos and arrangements, digital duets, digital keyboard ensembles, Consembles, iPad/Keyboard Combos and original choral works with keyboard orchestra.  We are dedicated to enhancing the experience of Classic literature and original compositions through creative orchestration and digital accompaniments.

  • One Eye Publications

    Method books from One Eye Publications feature attractive pictures and clear, concise explanations. Most importantly, they include musical pieces children enjoy learning, enabling them to do what matters most: making music together.

  • PANC Publications

    PANC Publications™ is the publishing branch of the Piano Academy of North Carolina, LLC. Founded in 2019 by Dr. Frank Pittman, PANC Publications is dedicated to creating interactive scores for the beginning, intermediate, and early advanced piano students that may be difficult to find in print. Each work is carefully researched, meticulously recorded, and diligently engraved. Based out of Durham, NC, USA, PANC Publications™ champions the inclusion of composers whose music is less known.

  • Paloma Piano

    Paloma Piano is committed to the creation of beautiful music for musicians of all levels, and high quality pedagogical materials for students. This includes original compositions and arrangements of music from across the globe. Composer/creator Doreen Hall believes that music can help people learn about one another and discover the world around them.

  • Paul Sheftel

    Perhaps the first pedagogue to compose MIDI accompaniments for piano methods, Paul Sheftel is an education visionary. His engaging works for children and adults have been published by Carl Fischer and Alfred Publishing Co. and more recently by YBK Publishers (

    In addition to creating MIDI materials for his own works, Paul has created MIDI accompaniments for Music Pathways, published by Carl Fischer, and Bastien Piano Basics, published by Kjos.

  • Piano Plus

    Piano Plus is the publisher of original compositions and arrangements by Dr. Lee Evans. Dr. Evans is a pianist, a well-known composer and arranger of more than 100 music books, lecturer and clinician, and author of numerous music magazine articles. Many of his works are published by Hal Leonard Corporation and The FJH Music Company.

  • Piano Safari

    Piano Safari offers:

    • A carefully sequenced, intervallic approach for learning to read music notation

    • Patterned pieces taught by rote that provide engaging music for students from the first lesson

    • Animal themed Technique Exercises that teach the basic motions of piano technique

    • Improvisation ideas for developing creativity

    • A holistic approach combining ears, eyes, and imagination that allows children to become musically literate at the piano

    • Intermediate level repertoire that engages the student to play expressively

  • PianoFonics

    PianoFonics is the publisher of teaching resources that support all methods. The Beginning Piano Literature ToolBox consists of 54 classical piano pieces from minor masters, chosen for preparatory to early intermediate students. The works are organized according to a variety of pedagogical objectives and technical challenges, providing the teacher with material that can be appropriately matched to the needs of each individual student.

  • Pianolex Music

    Pianolex Music publishes compositions for piano that represent a wide variety of styles, with levels of difficulty ranging from beginning through upper intermediate/early advanced.

    Whether you are a piano teacher, student, the parent of a beginner, or an adult amateur looking for new repertoire, you're sure to find something here that will be your favorite new piece to teach or play!

  • Red Leaf Pianoworks

    Red Leaf Pianoworks represents a diverse group of composers with one shared passion: Bringing you the latest in exciting new piano repertoire.

    We offer solos from beginner to advanced, and we’re certain that you’ll discover some unique musical treasures that will be perfect for you and your students.

  • Robinson Crusoe Music

    Robinson Crusoe Music is a small publishing company based in the Aleutian Islands off the coast of Alaska, USA. Owner and composer Lynda Lybeck Robinson teaches piano and composition there in the small island community of Unalaska.

  • Shaak Piano Music

    The Shaak Collection of piano music offers an approach to piano teaching that fascinates and stimulates the love of music and will bring out the innate musical talents of each student.

    With modern tools like the iPad, the way we can teach piano is changing. We believe interactive learning tools are the future of piano teaching.

  • SoLee Music

    SoLee Music specializes in fun, interactive music resources for young children. Publications from SoLee Music can be used in group keyboard classes as well as in private lessons.

  • Steeber Music

    STEEBER MUSIC was born in the wake of a modern dance concert commission whose presentation was at the 92ndStreet Y in New York, in 1993. That resulting composition is now a part of the New York Performing Arts Library collection. Founder James Steeber had been working with movement and composition since 1982, and that gave him the opportunity to improvise for hours a day and to apply himself to the occasional formal work. He spent an additional 14 years in the music industry, coordinating then directing Yamaha’s classical Artist Services program. Beginning in 2017 he has been on the staff of the Juilliard School working once again with dance. STEEBER MUSIC itself remained in the background for years until Steeber received an invitation to contribute to TimeWarp’s remarkable SuperScore library. He now enjoys delving into the technology necessary to turn a penciled composition into a workable digital score, complete with score following and an expressive embedded performance.

  • Stellar Music Collection

    The Stellar Music Collection encompasses both MIDI file content for Home Concert Xtreme and classical music scores for SuperScore. The MIDI file collection features a library of piano concerti that use Garritan Personal Orchestra sounds for playback. SuperScore products feature standard piano repertoire with embedded performances that have been professionally recorded.

  • Stipes Publishing LLC

    Stipes Publishing LLC is a trusted source for quality educational materials at the university, college, community college, and high school levels. Founded in the 1920s by R.A. Stipes, Jr., Stipes Publishing is a second and third generation family business and one of the few remaining family-owned and operated educational publishers in the United States.

    Stipes is the publisher of the Celebrate Piano method authored by Cathy Albergo, J. Mitzi Kolar, and Mark Mrozinski.

  • Susan Staples Bell Music

    Susan Staples Bell Music publishes the music of Susan Staples Bell, who is equal part composer and instructor, with her main focus being Piano teachers and their students.  As a Music Educator for over 30 years, her varied musical experiences in the areas of Band, Choir, Handbells, and Church Organist & Praise Band pianist, help bring a fresh approach to each of her compositions, in which she strives to educate as well as delight!

  • The Lorenz Corporation

    The Lorenz Corporation proudly serves as the publishing home for today’s leading composers and music educators, releasing more than 500 products every year under a variety of imprints.

    Founded by the Lorenz Family in 1890, we publish choral, keyboard, handbell, and instrumental music in support of many worship traditions and choral music and general music teaching resources to foster a lifelong love of music. We are musicians serving musicians through music education, performance, and worship, and we thank you for inviting us to play a part in your musical life.

  • TimeWarp Technologies

    TimeWarp Technologies inspires transformative music learning and performance by providing interactive software tools and interactive music publications.

    SuperScore music publications feature the finest scholarly editions and typically include MIDI performances, providing the ultimate interactive learning experience.

  • Virtual Collaborations

    Virtual Collaborations makes high quality MIDI files that provide the interactive experience of playing the solo parts of piano concerti while the orchestral parts are played by instruments of a virtual software orchestra. These files are optimized for use with Home Concert Xtreme (score-following software) and Garritan Personal Orchestra 5 (virtual orchestra).

  • Yellow Cat Publishing

    Yellow Cat specializing in the publication of music with colored notes.

    Colors are very helpful for students with learning disabilities and visual impairments. Students with poor vision often have difficulty tracking black notes on lines and in spaces, particularly if everything appears blurry. If a student has difficulty tracking, colors help the student find where he was on the page, if he has to look down to figure out where his fingers are.

  • Zeitklang Music Production & Publishing

    Zeitklang is the publisher of works by Ratko Delorko. Delorko’s style can be described as fantastic realism. The music is composed in a tonal, 21st century style that is enjoyable for both performer and audience.