Modules by Paul Sheftel – MIDI Edition


This product consists of 36 MIDI files that were composed and arranged by Paul Sheftel. They are designed for use with Home Concert Xtreme. According to the composer: “The collection is a perfect companion to my publication, Foundations. It’s a Sheftel favorite!”

The associated book, Modules, is not included in this purchase but is available separately from YBK Publishers ( Alternatively, the complete publication (score and MIDI tracks) is available as a SuperScore publication from CyberConservatory.


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Thirty-six amazing etudes with MIDI backing tracks covering:

  • all major scales
  • all of the intervals
  • all major triads in root position
  • all major triads in first inversion
  • all major triads in second inversion

These pieces are designed to help students further their understanding of basic keyboard structures: major scales, triads in root position, chord inversions, and intervals. Elements are carefully grouped into clusters—or modules.

These compositions are ingeniously crafted to help intermediate level students quickly improve their facility at the keyboard by relating musical shapes to the layout of the black and white keys. The MIDI backing tracks provide a fun and motivating element.

Use these MIDI files interactively with Home Concert Xtreme. Show the piano tracks in notation on the computer screen. Set your own tempo. Use Learn mode and the on-screen keyboard to verify that you are playing the correct notes. Use Jam mode for steady practice. Loop sections to drill your fingers!