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SuperScore - FREE Download available on iTunes

SuperScore Music App

The Most Advanced Sheet Music Viewer on the Planet

  • Unique Liquid Music Notation Display
  • Embedded Performances
  • Interactive Features for Learning and Performing
  • Integrates Your PDF and SuperScore Libraries
  • FREE Download at iTunes!
FREE Download @ iTunes!
Intelligent Apps for Educational & Performance

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Home Concert Xtreme

Home Concert Xtreme

Intelligent Accompaniment that
Follows Your Playing

  • Award-Winning Software that Works with MIDI Keyboards
  • Uses Standard MIDI Files for the Ultimate Play-Along Experience
  • Interactive Learning and Performing Features for Beginners and Professionals
  • Supports MIDI Files from Publishers of Piano Methods
  • Advanced Piano Concerto Repertoire Available

Price (Mac & PC): $69.00 (USD)

Classroom Maestro

Classroom Maestro

Instantly Illustrate Musical Concepts
from Your MIDI Keyboard

  • Quickly Display Single Notes, Intervals, Chords, Chord Progressions, Scales, and Piano Hand Positions
  • Produce Musical Analysis with a Single Keystroke
  • Quiz Your Students Interactively
  • Increase the Effectiveness of Your K-12/College Music Classroom or Private Studio
  • Use in Your Online Instructional Videos
  • Optionally Use in Your Long Distance Teaching with Internet MIDI

Available for Mac & PC
$39.00 (USD)

Internet Midi

Internet MIDI

Software that “Beams” Your
Playing to Distant Locations

  • Connect Any 2 MIDI Instruments Together Over the Internet
  • Teach Long Distance
  • Perform for Remote Audiences
  • 16-Channel Record & Playback Features
  • Automatic Microphone Control
  • Interactive Graphics for the Ultimate Teaching Experience

Available for Mac & PC
$39.00 (USD)

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