Toccata in E-Flat Major by Johann Ludwig Krebs

Toccata in E-Flat Major will have immediate appeal to most lovers of fine music. A toccata is a fast and showy piece that emphasizes a performer’s technical abilities. Don’t let the word toccata deter you as this is easily accessible to a level 6 player. Find included with the interactive SuperScore edition, interesting comments about the work, information about the composer, as well as practice tips for learning and performing the work. The score features a MIDI performance by Andrew Harbridge. Both hands have been split in the recording to facilitate one-hand-at-a-time practice. Toccata in E-Flat Major is a Level 6 piece.

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Toccata in E-Flat Major

  • Composition by Johann Ludwig Krebs
  • Edited and fingered by Andrew Harbridge, ACCM
  • MIDI Recording by Andrew Harbridge
  • Biography of the composer
  • Information about the work
  • Practice tips for learning and performance