Older Student – Level 1 – Sight Reading & Theory Book

Piano Safari for the Older Student Sight Reading & Theory Book 1 corresponds with Piano Safari for the Older Student Repertoire & Technique Book 1, but may also stand alone as a sight reading supplement. Theory concepts in each unit are followed by melodies and rhythms that provide substantial practice with reading notation. Analysis suggestions are provided for each example to aid students developing analytical skills.

The SuperScore edition contains all of the material from the printed edition and more. Each reading and rhythm example is recorded so that students are able to play along, or check their performance after sight reading.

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Unit 1:

  • Pre-staff reading on the black and white keys

Unit 2:

  • Landmark notes and reading 2nds on the staff

Unit 3:

  • Reading 3rds on the staff

Unit 4:

  • Reading 2nds & 3rds on the staff

Unit 5:

  • Notes on the Grand Staff and the Skips Alphabet