Twenty Eight-Measure Etudes by Czerny-Sheftel – MIDI Edition


This product consists of 20 MIDI files that were composed and arranged by Paul Sheftel. They are designed for use with Home Concert Xtreme.

The associated book, Twenty Eight-Measure Etudes, is not included in this purchase but is available separately from YBK Publishers (

Alternatively, the complete publication (including scores and MIDI playback) is available as a SuperScore publication from CyberConservatory.

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Carl Czerny wrote a series of delightful and valuable 8-measure studies published as 160 Eight-Measure Exercises Opus 821. Paul Sheftel has arranged 20 of these studies for two pianos and has provided MIDI recordings for both Piano I and Piano II, with left- and right-hand parts on separate tracks for easy playback manipulation.

Use these MIDI files interactively with Home Concert Xtreme. Show either primo or secondo in notation on the computer screen. Set your own tempo. Loop sections for repeated practice. Use Perform mode if you want your virtual duet partner to follow your playing!

  • Twenty 8-measure etudes from Opus 821 by Carl Czerny
  • Duet parts for 2nd piano composed by Paul Sheftel
  • Includes MIDI recordings of both parts
  • Student can perform with or without 2nd piano accompaniment