SuperScore: Features

SuperScore: Features

SuperScore provides a unique bundle of features including:

Liquid Music Display™ Technology

  • Reformats the music notation to accommodate your chosen viewing size
  • Option to show/hide musical parts

Playback of Scores that Contain Embedded MIDI Performances

  • Playback tempos match the embedded human performance
  • Option to mute selected parts
  • Looping
  • Tempo control
  • Metronome

Full/Partial Page-Turns

  • Swipe
  • Wireless Bluetooth pedal
  • MIDI signal
  • MIDI-based score-following

Intelligent, Interactive Play-Along Features

(when used with a MIDI instrument and compatible scores)

  • Learn mode: playback waits for you to play the correct note
  • Jam mode: playback waits for your first note, then you keep up with the accompaniment
  • Perform mode: accompaniment tracks follow your changing performance tempo
  • All interactive play-along modes: backing tracks respond to how loud you play

Additional MIDI Features

  • Support for wireless Bluetooth LE MIDI devices
  • Record/playback your MIDI performance (when using a score with embedded MIDI data)

Markup Mode

  • Add musical symbols, fingerings, or other notations to the score
  • Add your own free-hand drawings to the score


  • Group together scores as setlist or playlists
  • Switch quickly from score to score during a lesson or gig
  • Reorder the scores to suit your needs

PDF Import

  • Optional, in-app purchase feature
  • Combine your PDF library with your SuperScore library
  • Annotate your PDFs
  • Add PDFs to your Collections