Internet MIDI: Features

Internet MIDI: Features

MIDI Features

Internet MIDI:

  • works with all MIDI instruments
  • supports nearly all MIDI messages
  • transmits and receives up to 16 channels of MIDI data
  • provides MIDI filtering to eliminate unnecessary data transmission
  • features optional velocity adjustments

Support for Acoustic Pianos with MIDI Record/Playback

Internet MIDI offers a variety of features that are optimized for MIDI playback on acoustic pianos:

  • provides transmission/playback of manufacturer-specific, “high resolution” MIDI data
  • supports the full range of incremental pedal data
  • intelligently compensates for pianos set to receive MIDI data in real-time mode
  • synchronizes playback of MIDI data that is played by the piano’s tone generator

Piano-to-Piano Connections

Internet MIDI facilitates succesful, peer-to-peer connections by providing:

  • sophisticated router navigation
  • intelligent data buffering to eliminate Internet jitter
  • compensation for data loss

Coordination of MIDI Transmission with Video

Most video conferencing programs give you no control over the latency of video and audio transmission. In order to ensure that your MIDI performance is visually coordinated with what you see on your computer screen, Internet MIDI provides a buffer slider that enables you to adjust the timing of incoming MIDI data.

On-Screen, Animated Graphics

Internet MIDI provides you with an on-screen keyboard that features:

  • all 88 notes of a standard piano
  • three pedals
  • velocity meters

The animated keyboard is a useful tool for keyboard instruction, enabling you to show your student what is going on when you play—something that has been traditionally difficult to do because a pianist’s hands and feet cover the keys and pedals!

To make the long distance teaching experience even more interesting, you can set the keys of the on-screen keyboard to use one animated color when you play and another animated color with the remote person plays.

Record and Playback

With Internet MIDI, you can:

  • record yourself or your student, including all 16 channels of MIDI data
  • play back a recorded performance
  • save recorded performances as a Standard MIDI File
  • load and play Standard MIDI Files
  • start playback from any point in the recording
  • adjust the speed and volume of playback

Ergonomic A/V Controls

Imagine teaching a piano lesson over the Internet. How much time do you want to spend fussing with muting and unmuting of the microphone or the switching of webcams?

Internet MIDI offers these ergonomic conveniences:

  • intelligent, automatic muting/unmuting of the system microphone
  • direct microphone control using a MIDI trigger, such as a key or pedal
  • control over the local or remote Skype camera (using the Skype API in Skype 7 and earlier)

Taking Your Long Distance Teaching to the Next Level

If you and your student have installed TimeWarp’s Classroom Maestro program, you can access the features of Classroom Maestro within Internet MIDI and engage in a truly multimedia music lesson.

Successful teaching is all about effective communication. Internet MIDI and Classroom Maestro combined with MIDI instruments, video conferencing, and the Internet provide unprecedented opportunities for connecting musically with your students and audiences.