Internet MIDI: Awards & Testimonials

Internet MIDI: Awards & Testimonials

Internet MIDI Testimonials

I have been using Internet MIDI successfully for the last 3 years, and I must say that there is something magical when I play my piano in Saudi Arabia and simultaneously play a piano in Florida!

Internet MIDI takes online lessons to the highest level possible and even enables teachers to have effective online lessons with sketchy internet connections.

Sarah Lyngra
Yellow Cat Music Education

Internet MIDI is an integral part of my distance teaching. I use Internet MIDI in my own synchronous online teaching and train all of my pedagogy students to use it.

With Internet MIDI, I can easily synchronize video with my piano. The on-screen keyboard visuals allow me to quickly demonstrate single notes or chord progressions when students need help. However, I can also reinforce more complex ideas such as chord voicing, dynamic contrast and pedaling for my more visually-inclined students.

Best of all, my students navigate Internet MIDI easily. The technology is not distracting rather, it supports the teaching and music-making throughout the lesson.

Dr. Pamela Pike
Assistant Professor, Piano Pedagogy
Louisiana State University

Internet MIDI is awesome! My girls have piano lessons online and with Internet MIDI, they always know what keys they should play. The lessons are so much better than with Skype alone.

Caleb Powell
father of two cyber piano students

Internet MIDI is an invaluable tool that can connect two remote pianos in order to share music-making in a pure, authentic environment. Whether you teach piano remotely or concertize to distant locations, Internet MIID enables you to connect with any MIDI-equipped piano, anywhere in the world

For over 4 years, I have used Internet MIDI in my independent piano studio, which has allowed me to offer quality piano instruction to students in the United States and Canada. I recommend Internet MIDI to teachers and students who aspire to establish the highest quality, long distance teaching environment.

Dr. Rebecca Bellelo, Ph.D. and NCTM
Private Teacher
Piano Pedagogy Faculty
Southeastern Louisiana University