Home Concert Xtreme: Awards & Testimonials

Home Concert Xtreme: Awards & Testimonials

Home Concert Xtreme Awards
Frances Clark Award 2010

Home Concert Xtreme Is the 2010 Recipient of the MTNA Frances Clark Keyboard Pedagogy Award!

Gary Ingle, Executive Director and CEO of MTNA, stated the following in his award letter:

This annual award was established by a bequest to MTNA by the renowned pedagogue, Frances Clark. It is given to a person or company who has made significant contributions to the field of keyboard pedagogy through the creation and development of products and publications that further the profession….

According to the committee, Home Concert Xtreme is a unique piano teaching and learning tool…. [The committee feels] that you have produced a most valuable teaching aid for use in the studio and in home practice, and that Home Concert Xtreme is the worthy recipient of the 2010 Frances Clark Pedagogy Award.

Home Concert Xtreme Testimonials

I have repeatedly seen piano teachers’ jaws drop as they realize what the remarkable software Home Concert Xtreme is doing.

Sam Holland
Co-author, Frances Clark Music Tree
Dean, Meadows School of the Arts
Southern Methodist University

I don’t know when I’ve been as excited about a program as I am by Home Concert Xtreme.

Sandra Bowen
Piano & Keyboard

Home Concert Xtreme is an effective teaching tool for students at all levels both as a practice companion and performance partner.

Dr. E. L. Lancaster
Keyboard Editor-in-Chief
Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.