Classroom Maestro OE: Resources

Classroom Maestro OE: Resources

Keyboard Shortcuts for Classroom Maestro Orchestra Edition
Classroom Maestro Orchestra Edition Shortcuts Cover

We have created a printable list of keyboard shortcuts for Classroom Maestro Orchestra Edition. Click one of the links below to download the PDF or to view it in your web browser.

Most of Classroom Maestro’s keyboard shortcuts are easy to remember. For example: Press letter C for Chord mode, S for Scale mode, A to turn on analysis, or F to show/hide fingering.

We hope that these charts will make themselves quickly obsolete!

Click here to view the document. Or click here to download it.

Classroom Maestro Screen-Sharing Strategies
CM Screen-Sharing Strategies

Classroom Maestro Screen-Sharing Strategies

This document will provide you with options for sharing your Classroom Maestro display during an online lesson.

Click here to view the document.

Click here to download the document.

Classroom Maestro MIDI Setup

George Litterst demonstrates how to set up a MIDI keyboard for use with Classroom Maestro.

Technology Resources for Classroom Music Teachers

Dr. Mario Ajero demonstrates how he uses a variety of technology resources in his piano lab at the Stephen F. Austin State University. Note how he uses both Home Concert Xtreme and Classroom Maestro.

Piano Pedagogy Technology Project Guide
Educational Resources : Click the cover to open. Right-click the cover to download.

The Piano Pedagogy Technology Project Guide is a resource for college piano pedagogy instructors, written by George F. Litterst and Shana Kirk. It contains 16 term projects that may be assigned to piano pedagogy students. Each project can be completed independently by the students and shared with the class at the end of the term.