Piano Technical Exercises: Interactive! (Level 9)

Scales, arpeggios, chord progressions and more, distributed into ten levels of difficulty which correspond to the Music Teachers’ Association of California Certificate of Merit program. (No endorsement by MTAC implied.) MIDI playback included.

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E Major Scale in 6ths, 4 Octaves

A, Ab, & Eb Major Scales, 4 Octaves

F#, C# Melodic Minor Scales, 4 Octaves

E Major Octave Scale, 1 Octave

D Dorian & E Locrian Scales, 2 Octaves

Whole-Tone Scale, 2 Octaves, Starting on C

Chord Modulations to the Dominant:

  • Ab—>Eb
  • Eb—>Bb
  • Bb—>F

Ab & Eb Major: V7 Arpeggios, 4 Octaves

Ab & Bb Diminished 7th Arpeggios, 4 Octaves

Ab Major Scale (Polyrhythmic):

  • Triple 8ths in LH/8ths in RH