Piano Safari Technique Book 3

Piano Safari Technique Book 3 is designed to accompany Repertoire Book 3, but it may be used with any method as a supplement. It introduces standard technical patterns in the keys of C Major, A Minor, G Major, E Minor, F Major, and D Minor. Special Exercises such as Double Thirds and Hanon Exercises with variations are included.

This SuperScore edition includes all of the material from the printed edition and more. Each piece has been recorded by the authors, providing model performances for the student as well as play-along accompaniments. Playback of each part can be engaged or muted as desired.

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Unit 1: C Major

Unit 2: A Minor & C Major

Unit 3: G Major & Previous Keys

Unit 4: E Minor & Previous Keys

Unit 5: F Major & Previous Keys

Unit 6: D Minor & Previous Keys

Unit 7: Review