MYC Moonbeams 3 Complete

This product bundles together the four volumes of the MYC Moonbeams 3 curriculum. These interactive materials support the final, critical steps that students undertake to solidify the technical and musical foundation that underlies their study in the MYC program. These materials include music for ensemble playing, piano solo performance, singing, and technical development. The music is always tuneful, and many familiar melodies are included.


MYC Moonbeams 3 Ensembles

  • 19 interactive musical scores
  • arrangements for keyboard
  • arrangements for percussion instruments

MYC Moonbeams 3 Keyboard Supplemental

  • 21 Christmas pieces
  • 3 Chanuka pieces
  • 6 additional works

MYC Moonbemas 3 Singing

  • 38 songs from North America
  • 5 Moonbeams songs

MYC Moonbeams 3 Warm-up

  • 10 Hanon Exercises with MIDI backing tracks
  • additional keyboard theory activities