Expert Ear Level 4

At last an ear training album that gives the student feedback without their teacher! A student can now work on Melody Playbacks, Interval Identification and Chord Identification between their piano lessons with EXPERT EAR.

There are a number of ways to use EXPERT EAR for your examination preparations. One of the most unique ways is using SuperScore’s “Learn Mode.” Using a connected MIDI keyboard, the green playback cursor will only continue to move across the staff if you play the correct notes. SuperScore automatically makes a MIDI recording of your melody playbacks so the you can take a step back from the playing and compare your performance with the test question. By playing the intervals and chords in Learn Mod,e the student will learn by playing AND hearing!

If you are a musician without an electronic instrument, this album will still be a great assistant. It is usable by students who play pitched instruments such as string or winds. It’s a must-have album for all students in all examination systems from Australia to New Zealand, to Canada, the UK and beyond!

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Expert Ear Level 4

  • Melody Playback tests (Keys: C+, G+, F+ and D+)
  • Interval Identification tests (-3, +3, P4, P5, P8 ascending and descending)
  • Chord Identification tests (root position major and minor triads)
  • Designed for independent learning between lessons
  • Useful for more that just keyboard instruments
  • Optional MIDI interactivity
  • Immersive ear training experience with optional playing of intervals and chords
  • Three instructional videos
  • Created by Andrew Harbridge, ACCM

(+ , – , P mean major, minor and perfect respectively)