Older Student – Level 1 – Repertoire & Technique Book

Piano Safari for the Older Student employs the same exemplary pedagogy used in the highly regarded series for children but has been strategically modified to include more sophisticated themes. It moves at an accelerated pace and is recommended for students age ten through adult. Rote Pieces, Reading Pieces, Improvisation Pieces, and technique are included.

This SuperScore edition includes all of the material from the printed edition and more. Each piece has been recorded by the authors, providing model performances for the student as well as play-along accompaniments. Playback of each part can be engaged or muted as desired.

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Unit 1:

  • Pre-staff reading on the black and white keys

Unit 2:

  • Landmark Notes and reading 2nds on the staff

Unit 3:

  • Reading 3rds on the staff

Unit 4:

  • Reading 2nds & 3rds on the staff

Unit 5:

  • Notes on the Grand Staff and the Skips Alphabet