Latin Preludes by Christopher Norton

14 original piano compositions, exploring Latin styles, for intermediate to advanced pianists composed by the creator of Microjazz. These contemporary mood pieces are based on Latin American styles including samba, beguine and bossa nova. This innovative collection can be enjoyed in the home or on the concert stage, providing novel material for adventurous pianists.

Players will thrill to the idiomatic rhythms at the heart of these pieces, which capture the spirit of Latin music. Inspiring MIDI backing tracks included as well as MIDI recordings of the solo parts by the composer himself!


  • Latin Prelude 1-Samba I
  • Latin Prelude 2-Rumba I
  • Latin Prelude 3-Samba II
  • Latin Prelude 4-Slow Mambo
  • Latin Prelude 5-Bossa Nova
  • Latin Prelude 6-Beguine
  • Latin Prelude 7-Mambo
  • Latin Prelude 8-Slow Samba
  • Latin Prelude 9-Rumba II
  • Latin Prelude 10-Rumba III
  • Latin Prelude 11-Bossa Nova II
  • Latin Prelude 12-Pop Bossa
  • Latin Prelude 13-Bolero
  • Latin Prelude 14-Samba III