Twelve Country Dances by Ignatius Sancho

Born into slavery aboard a ship headed to the West Indies in 1729, Ignatius Sancho was unlikely to become a noteworhty English composer. A largely self-educated man, Sancho rose above adverse circumstances, breaking many race-based barriers. At the time of his death in 1780, Sancho was known as a highly respected man of letters.

Twelve Country Dances is one of five musical albums composed and published by Sancho. These charming harpsichord pieces were written for festive social gatherings. This SuperScore edition includes a facsimile of the original publication, an interactive urtext edition with a harpsichord recording, and an interactive, edited performance edition with a piano recording.

This album comes with extensive historical commentary and performance suggestions written by George F. Litterst who also recorded the works.

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Twelve Country Dances by Ignatius Sancho
• interactive urtext edition with harpsichord
• interactive performance edition with piano
• historical information and scholarly commentary
• performance recommendations
• MIDI recordings by George F. Litterst

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