O Frondes Virga by von Bingen-Yu

This hauntingly beautiful Gregorian chant is provided in 3 playing levels from elementary to early intermediate. This unique SuperScore edition provides students with the opportunity to play one of the earliest known compositions by a woman composer. The work appeals to all ages and encourages experimentation with an undulating rhythmic flow in the manner of a medieval chant. MIDI recordings by Penny Lazarus are included.

Looking for more easy piano versions of works by historical women composers? This arrangement was commissioned by Penny Lazarus Piano Studio as part of an effort to expand the early piano repertoire with pieces by women composers of the last 900 years.

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O Frondes Virga

  • original composition by Hildegard von Bingen
  • arrangements for solo piano by Marc Yu
    • Elementary
    • Late Elementary
    • Early Intermediate
  • MIDI performances by Penny Lazarus, NCTM
  • historical commentary by Penny Lazarus