Succeeding at the Piano – Theory and Activity Book – Preparatory

Succeeding at the Piano is an award-winning method for young beginners. The Preparatory level of the Theory and Activity Book is now available in a digital format in SuperScore. This publication contains all of the activity pages, captivating art, and expert pedagogy found in the print edition. SuperScore provides students with a palette of musical symbols and a freehand drawing tool for completing the educational assignments. Use this edition during in-person or online lessons as well as for independent study at home.

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12 progressive units cover:

  • black and white keys
  • keyboard geography
  • quarter, half, dotted half, whole notes
  • 4/4 time signature
  • steps • skips • octaves
  • the grand staff

Exercises include:

  • drawing activities
  • identification of concepts
  • tracing and writing