Succeeding at the Piano – Recital Book – Grade 1B

Succeeding at the Piano, Level 1B Recital Book on SuperScore creates imaginative and expressive pieces perfect for recital goals or as capstones to concepts covered in SATP Lesson and Technique. SATP Recital Book on SuperScore contains the same content and material as the print edition of Level 1B with additional interactive features. Each student and teacher part comes with a MIDI recording, and most include a fun instrumental backing track as well. Music can resized for a comfortable reading visual, and users can adjust the tempo to facilitate better practice. Use this SuperScore edition of SATP to facilitate better in-home practice and preparation for public performance!


19 pieces that reinforce the concepts learned in:

  • SATP Lesson and Technique 1B
  • SATP Theory and Activity Level 1B

Pieces include:

  • G position and Bass G
  • Combined reading system that includes
    intervals and different hand positions
  • Technique – important physical gestures
  • Emphasis on sharp and flat signs
  • I and V7 chords
  • Musically taught throughout

Student Certificate

Includes composers:

  • Timothy Brown
  • Kevin Costley
  • Mary Leaf
  • Helen Marlais
  • Edwin McLean
  • Kevin Olson