Succeeding at the Piano – Lesson & Technique Book – Preparatory

Succeeding at the Piano is an award-winning method for young beginners. The Preparatory level of Lesson and Technique is now available in a uniquely interactive edition in SuperScore. This publication contains the same pieces and expert pedagogy available in the print edition and includes additional interactive features. All of the pieces include MIDI recordings of both the student and the teacher parts. Most include instrumental backing tracks as well. The music can be resized to a comfortable reading level, and you can easily show or hide the teacher part. Use this edition during in-person or online lessons as well as for independent practice at home.

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12 progressive units cover:

  • sitting at the piano
  • keyboard geography
  • quarter, half, dotted half, whole notes
  • octave sign and ties
  • pre-staff —> grand staff • landmarks (Guide notes)
  • steps • skips • octaves
  • C position • dynamics

Includes composers:

  • Timothy Brown
  • Kevin Costley
  • Mary Leaf
  • Helen Marlais
  • Edwin McLean
  • Kevin Olson