MYC Moonbeams 3 Warm-up

MYC is proud to present a new book to its method that supports the final, critical steps that students need to achieve to help solidify their foundation of knowledge and education received while progressing through the MYC method. The Canadian and US publications of “Hoot’n’Hanon” have been combined for the warm-up volume. All technical exercises have been updated to reflect accredited conservatories and the Hanon exercises now mirror the same presentation/groupings of Provinces and US Regions as in MYC’s Master’s Toolbox.


10 Hanon Exercises with MIDI backing tracks

Keyboard Theory, up to 4 sharps and 4 flats:

  • Block Triads in all Inversions
  • Broken Triads in all Inversions
  • I – IV – V7 – I Chord Cadences
  • Major Scales, 2 octaves up and down
  • Minor Scales, 3 forms, 2 octaves up and down
  • Major Scales in Contrary Motion, 1 octave
  • Chromatic Scale, 1 octave
  • Major Scale Harmonized with I, IV, & V