Blues & All That Jazz by Paul Sheftel

If you have been looking for a fun bluesy and jazzy album that sounds impressive, is not too difficult to play, and that is imbued with a unique sense of musical humor, then this album is for you!

If you love the Renaissance period (Bluesleeves), English folk tunes (Lavender’s Blues), science fiction (Blue Thousand and One – a Spaced-Out Odyssey), aliens from another world (Close Positions of the Third Kind), or you simply have indescrible blues fantasies (Habluecinations), you won’t stop playing once you have learned these pieces!

These innimitable works for intermediate level pianists have been recorded by the composer/musical raconteur, himself: Paul Sheftel!

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Blues & All That Jazz by Paul Sheftel

  • Blue Thousand and One – a Spaced-Out Odyssey
  • Bluesleeves
  • Close Positions of the Third Kind
  • Easy Day
  • Habluesinations
  • Improvisation I
  • Improvisation II
  • Improvisation III
  • Lavender’s Blues