Theme from Piano Concerto in C-Sharp Minor, Op. 45 by Beach-Smith

Amy Beach was the best-known woman composer of her time and the first in the United States to become world famous. Beach fought hard throughout her life during the first half of the 20th century to change the common perception that women’s music would always be lesser than that of men. The theme from the Concerto in C-Sharp Minor is romantic and adventurous, at the same time equal in every way to the most heartfelt melodies of other late Romantic composers. Provided here in 4 arrangements from elementary through intermediate, this album provides a beautiful introduction to the works of Amy Beach. MIDI reacordings by Penny Lazarus are included.

Looking for more easy piano versions of works by historical women composers? This arrangement was commissioned by Penny Lazarus Piano Studio as part of an effort to expand the early piano repertoire with pieces by women composers of the last 900 years.

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Theme from Piano Concerto in C-Sharp Minor, Op. 45

  • original composition by Amy Beach
  • arrangements for solo piano by Cameron Smith
    • Elementary
    • Late Elementary
    • Early Intermediate
    • Intermediate
  • MIDI performances by Penny Lazarus, NCTM
  • historical commentary by Penny Lazarus