Reverie by Debussy-Ogilvy

Although the composer, himself, was dismissive of the work, Reverie is probably the most popular of Debussy’s compositions. Susan Ogilvy has taken the original composition—note for note—and transformed it into a “consemble,” a concerto-style piano solo with digital orchestral accompaniment. The score is an authentic rendering of Debussy’s original publication, updated with performance instructions in English, and can be performed as a solo or as a chamber work with SuperScore providing the accompaniment. Both the solo and the orchestral tracks have been recorded by the arranger. The consemble tracks are playable in SuperScore or on any keyboard that has General MIDI sounds.

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Reverie by Claude Debussy

  • Complete piano solo score
  • Digital orchestra tracks (GM) by Susan Ogilvy
  • Performable on acoustic or digital piano