The River Meets the Sea by Andrew Harbridge

The River Meets the Sea is one of Andrew Harbridge’s most popular piano solos. It was selected for performance on the Peace Tower Carillon of Canada’s Parliament Buildings in Ottawa. This little ballad in G major is sure to please the intermediate level pianist who enjoys playing slower, expressive, and lyrical piano works. It has immediate appeal to listeners too! Find included with the interactive SuperScore edition, information about the composer, as well as practice tips for learning and performing the work. The score features a MIDI performance by Andrew Harbridge. Both hands have been split in the recording to facilitate one-hand-at-a-time practice. This piece is at Level 4, and may be used for Examinations with Conservatory Canada.

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The River Meets the Sea

  • Composition by Andrew Harbridge
  • MIDI Recording by Andrew Harbridge, ACCM
  • Biography of the composer
  • Practice tips for learning and performance