Little Gems for Piano Volume 1 by Paula Dreyer

How have countless people with no musical training effortlessly learned popular pieces like “Heart and Soul” and “Chopsticks?” Through the “rote-method”~ imitation of sound and motion, one is able to play beautifully captivating “Little Gems” during the first months of piano studies. Learning music is intuitive and natural when we open our ears and replicate what we see and hear. Each rewarding piece in this album can be learned through a teacher’s demonstration, online instructional videos, or traditional note-reading skills.

These unique musical gems are intended to supplement traditional lesson plans. They stay within the range of a 5th (perfect for growing hands) and will spark wonder and motivate beginners of all ages and stages.

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27 Musical Treasures for the Beginner Level
Ideal for:

  • Recital repertoire
  • Playing for friends and family by memory
  • Discovering musical expression
  • Building confidence
  • Training aural skills
  • Having fun