Little Gems for Piano Primer Level by Paula Dreyer

Imagine music for the very first piano lessons that sounds intriguing, expansive, sophisticated and even breath taking. During the crucial primary stage, one can build technical and expressive foundations through these 20 motivating and impressive “Little Gems.” Beginners enjoy exploring this appealing and rewarding repertoire from the start. Each piece is impressive enough for the recital stage.

These unique musical gems will spark wonder and motivate beginners of all ages. Each piece is comfortable to play and interesting to listen to. Beginners will love moving freely across the keys, exploring new sounds, playing patterns, using the pedal, and quickly learning impressive music.

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20 Musical treasures that are ideal for:

  • Recital repertoire
  • Playing for friends and family by memory
  • Discovering musical expression
  • Building confidence
  • Training aural skills
  • Having fun