It’s Your Turn! by Christopher Norton

Want to explore and widen your students’ foundation in improvisation BEFORE the last level of MYC or Level 1 in private lessons? Tired of “adapting” other method/improve books to work well younger students? Classically trained and anxious to try to teach improvisation?

MYC and Christopher Norton have created a book specifically for MYC’s Sunbeams 3/Moonbeams 2 student OR Pre-Grade 1 student (and teacher) who are ready and excited to learn how to improvise. This book will teach you how to unlock improvisational potential in a student by starting from a point they know (or can quickly grasp) and moving them to a point where spontaneous ideas appear because they feel comfortable with the methodology and the stylistic context.


14 Guided, Progressive Improvisation Experiences

  • Playing different pieces, in a variety of styles, with backing tracks
  • “Drumming,” using your foot and clapping or tapping on both legs, also with backing tracks
  • Tapping/clapping 3 simple patterns and then playing the same patterns on the piano
  • Playing the longest of the 3 patterns as a right-hand melody, with backing tracks
  • Reading ideas already introduced (both hands) with the backing tracks
  • Improvising with your right hand, left hand playing a written part, with backing tracks