Inventions for the Beginner Pianist by Ian Green

The study of counterpoint is an important step along the musical journey for any pianist. Mastering pieces in which both hands are required to perform independently from the other requires time, practice, and skill. The most important composer to write inventions and sinfonias for keyboard players was Johann Sebastian Bach, an important pillar of early keyboard music.

There are not many new and exciting pieces that have been published in recent years that offer a fun environment for learning to play in a contrapuntal style. The pieces within this album are written with the same intentions as those of the great masters. The pieces are fun, engaging, and modern. Some pieces are written in a style that “tips the hat” to J.S. Bach and other great composers. Other pieces are written in a jazzy style that includes swing rhythms and fun, catchy melodies. Each piece will provide many hours of musical enjoyment by student and teacher alike.

Performances and videos by the composer included!

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Invention in D Minor
Invention in E Minor
Invention in C Major
Jazz Invention in C Blues, No. 1
Jazz Invention in G Blues
Pop! Goes the Invention
Invention in D Major
Invention in G Minor
Jazz Invention in D Major
Invention in A Major
Jazz Invention in C Blues, No. 2