In All Keys Book 1 – Sharp Keys by Melody Bober

16 intermediate/late intermediate works covering all major/minor keys that use sharps plus C Major/A Minor. Inspiring selections in many styles. Excellent for recitals, competitions, sight reading, and theory comprehension. MIDI performances are included.

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  • A Night in Cordoba (D-sharp Minor)
  • A Winter Wind (B Minor)
  • American Ragtime Band (E Major)
  • Ancient Anthem (A-sharp Minor)
  • Beach Boogie (B Major)
  • Charming Cha-Cha (G Major)
  • Classical March (C Major)
  • Enchantment Waltz (C-sharp Major)
  • Energetic Escape (C-sharp Minor)
  • Intrepid Mission (E Minor)
  • Jammin’ Jazz (A Minor)
  • My Heart Belongs to You (A Major)
  • Reflections in the Stream (F-sharp Major)
  • Rushing River Rapids (F-sharp Minor)
  • Sands of the Sahara (G-sharp Minor)
  • Seafaring Adventure (D Major)