Five Finger Fun Pentascales by Jea Won Yi

Five Finger Fun Pentascales is a companion to “Five Finger Fun Books 1-4,” a series that introduces children to music and the keyboard, providing them with the opportunity to play fun songs in 5-finger positions. Five Finger Fun Pentascales supports this series by introducing all 24 major and minor pentascales. This publication includes “workbook” pages for each pentascale covering finger-numbering, keyboard geography, and staff notation. Each pentscale is also presented in an interactive SuperScore exercise that includes fun MIDI accompaniments

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  • Grand Staff
  • Half Steps
  • Whole Steps
  • Accidentals
  • Major & Minor Pentascales
  • Major & Minor Triads
  • Tonic & Dominant
  • Circle of Fifths


  • 12 Pentascales in Major Keys
  • 12 Pentascales in Minor Keys
  • Extended Exercises in Multiple Keys