Five Finger Fun Book 1 by Jea Won Yi

Five Finger Fun Book 1 introduces children (ages 3-5) to music and the keyboard, providing them with the opportunity to play fun songs grounded in solid pedagogy. Children comfortably learn to play pieces on the black keys using up to 3 notes. Simple rhythmic notation is introduced as well as the concepts of up-and-down and finger numbering. Book 1 can be used in group keyboard classes as well as in private lessons. In addition to interactive musical scores with MIDI accompaniments, this product includes extensive “workbook” activities.

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  • Right/Left Hand Finger Numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Piano Keyboard: Groups of Two + Three Black Keys
  • Simple Rhythms:
    • Quarter Note & Rest
    • Half and Dotted Half Note
    • Whole Note
  • Bar Line and Double Bar Line

Black Key Songs

  • Good Morning!
  • Hot Cross Buns
  • Pat-a-Cake
  • See the Frog
  • Rain, Rain
  • Mary Had a Little Lamb
  • Good Bye!