Cottage Days by Martha Hill Duncan

Cottage Days is a collection of 1 expressive summer soundscapes designed for the intermediate and late intermediate pianist including a bonus “dog” duet for Level 3-4. Many of the pieces focus on 5ths, crossovers and introductory pedal effects, making them fairly easy to learn and memorize while still sounding sophisticated and contemporary. Best of all: each piece was recorded by the composer!

The day at the cottage begins with Misty Morning, followed by crashing black keys in Summer Lightning. Next up is Rowboat at the Dock, where the player gets to simulate the knocking of a boat against a dock followed by the latin-styled Cicadas. Cattails and Dragonflies continue with their heated and colorful summer atmosphere. Water Lilies, with RH melody amidst LH crossovers, and Sandcastles, with long building lines and a glissando! are the two most popular pieces in the set. Fire Circle, with 16th note flames and August Moon, scored with three staves, close the day and the season. Great choices for a summer themed recital!

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Cottage Days by Martha Hill Duncan

  • August Moon
  • Cattails
  • Cicadas
  • Dragonflies
  • Fire Circle
  • Misty Morning
  • Rowboat at the Dock
  • Sandcastles
  • Summer Lightning
  • The Dog That Was and the Dog That Is
  • Water Lillies