A Musical Ride by Susan Griesdale

One of 10 magical pieces from the album Catch the Magic, A Musical Ride is perfect for horse lovers! The opening begins ‘at a trot’ and you and a friend are riding around the paddock together in patterns. The ‘mf’ sections represent the big black stallion and the ‘mp’ sections represent the chestnut mare. Keep the action exactly synchronized and make sure the dynamics are clear so each horse can be identified. The middle section sees our riders pick up the faster canter gait. Keep the rhythm relaxed and steady just as you would while on the horse. Try to imagine riding patterns around the ring, just like the Mounties Musical Ride used to do! Gently move back to the trot and continue riding in tandem until you ride right out of the ring at the very end. Have fun!

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A Musical Ride

  • Piano solo by Susan Griesdale
  • MIDI recording by the composer