Pickles and Peppers by Shepherd-Yu

Rags were extraordinarily popular in the early 20th century and are still popular today. Many were written by women! With their syncopated rhythms, double octaves and bouncy bass notes separated from the rest of the chord, these works are difficult to play in their original form. Provided here in three playing levels from late elementary to intermediate, Pickles and Peppers is pure fun. Students can now enjoy this fun rag, once so popular that it was used as a campaign rally for William Jennings Bryant when he ran for president in 1908.

Looking for more easy piano versions of works by historical women composers? This arrangement was commissioned by Penny Lazarus Piano Studio as part of an effort to expand the early piano repertoire with pieces by women composers of the last 900 years.

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Pickles and Peppers

  • original composition by Adaline Shepherd
  • arrangements for solo piano by Marc Yu
    • Late Elementary
    • Early Intermediate
    • Intermediate
  • MIDI performances by Penny Lazarus, NCTM
  • historical commentary by Penny Lazarus