Theme from Tambourin in F, Op. 2, No. 7 by Gambarini-Yu

Tambourin provides a long-awaited opportunity to introduce students to music by women during the time usually associated with Scarlatti and Handel. In fact, Handel was a patron of Gambarini! This particular piece is provided in arrangements for 3 levels of difficulty from elementary to early intermediate. Young students are thrilled to be part of the rediscovery of historic women composers. Who wouldn’t love to show off their arpeggio skills based on a dance form named after the lively tambourine? MIDI recordings are provided by Penny Lazarus.

Looking for more easy piano versions of works by historical women composers? This arrangement was commissioned by Penny Lazarus Piano Studio as part of an effort to expand the early piano repertoire with pieces by women composers of the last 900 years.

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Theme from Tambourin in F, Op. 2, No. 7

  • original composition by Elisabetta de Gambarini
  • arrangements for solo piano by Marc Yu
    • Elementary
    • Late Elementary
    • Early Intermediate
  • MIDI performances by Penny Lazarus, NCTM
  • historical commentary by Penny Lazarus