Animal Adventures by Katherine Fisher & Julie Knerr Hague

Animal Adventures is designed to supplement any standard piano method series. This book includes:

• Seven Animal Techniques, which present technical motions that form the foundation of piano technique
• A corresponding Rote Piece that uses the technical motion presented in each Animal Technique
• An Improvisation Piece using each technique, which encourages freedom of movement

The Seven Animal Techniques highlight the basic motions of piano technique and are derived from Dr. Julie Knerr Hague’s dissertation research.

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The Seven Animal Techniques include:

  • Lion Paw: Arm weight
  • Tall Giraffe: Non legato articulation
  • Zechariah Zebra: Fast repeated notes with a pause to check hand shape
  • Tree Frog: Legato articulation
  • Kangaroo: Fast repeated notes without a pause
  • Soaring Bird: Legato in three-note slurs
  • Monkey Swinging in a Tree: Rotation

MIDI recordings by Katherine Fisher