Hoot ’n Hanon – Canada-U.S.

This interactive album consists of scales, finger exercises, and keyboard theory activities that support Moon beams 3, the final level of the Music for Young Children curriculum. The included scales, chord candences, and Hanon exercises also meet the requirements of standard Grade 1 conservatory exams. Hanon exercises are supported by MIDI backing tracks.


10 Hanon Exercises with MIDI backing tracks

Keyboard Theory, up to 4 sharps and 4 flats:

  • Block Triads in all Inversions
  • Broken Triads in all Inversions
  • I – IV – V7 – I Chord Cadences
  • Major Scales, 2 octaves up and down
  • Minor Scales, 3 forms, 2 octaves up and down
  • Major Scales in Contrary Motion, 1 octave
  • Chromatic Scale, 1 octave
  • Major Scale Harmonized with I, IV, & V

2 Moonbeams Songs