Pattern Pieces 1 by Julie Knerr & Katherine Fisher

Pattern Pieces 1 is designed to supplement any standard piano method. As the name implies, it contains pattern-based pieces that are to be taught by rote. This SuperScore edition includes interactive scores with MIDI performances of both the student and teacher parts, recorded by the authors.


  • Alphabet Suite
    I. Alphabet Boogie – Julie Knerr-Katherine Fisher
    II. C D E March – Julie Knerr
    III. F G A B Waltz – Julie Knerr
  • Charlie Chipmunk – Julie Knerr
  • Hungry Herbie Hippo – Traditional-Julie Knerr
  • I Love Coffee – Traditional-Bernhard Shaak-Carolyn Shaak
  • Outer Space – Julie Knerr
  • I Like Bananas – Julie Knerr
  • Floating Snowflakes – Julie Knerr-Katherine Fisher-Christopher Fisher
  • Crocodile in the Nile – Wendy Lynn Stevens
  • Robots – Julie Knerr
  • Dandelion Fluff – Julie Knerr
  • Martians Come to Town – Julie Knerr-Katherine Fisher
  • Swans on the Lake – Julie Knerr
  • Skip to My Lou – Traditional-Julie Knerr
  • Detective Wombat Blues – Julie Knerr
  • Dragon Dance – Julie Knerr