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Piano Patterns by Paul Sheftel

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Piano Patterns by Paul Sheftel

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This product consists of 13 MIDI files that were composed and arranged by Paul Sheftel. They are designed for use with Home Concert Xtreme. The associated book, Piano Patterns, which is pictured here, is not included in this purchase but is available separately from Alfred Publishing Co., Inc. (

According to the composer: “A companion to Keyboard Challenges. Rich and varied keyboard experiences at an early level. Indispensable!”



Each piece in Piano Patterns and the companion set, Keyboard Challenges, is based on a single motif or idea. Often inspired by a keyboard configuration, the motif is developed in a simple and often deliberately repetitive manner to aid students in memorizing these pieces quickly and easily. 

Although the notation may look daunting at first glance, students can learn these as pre-reading keyboard “etudes.” Once the patterns are learned, the student can play freely all over the keyboard.

Each piece is designed to contribute to the student’s developing sense of keyboard geography, touch and dynamics, and rhythm and form. A preface in the printed book (sold separately) offers suggestions for approaching the pieces pedagogically.

Use these MIDI files interactively with Home Concert Xtreme. Show the piano tracks in notation on the computer screen. Set your own tempo. Use Learn mode and the on-screen keyboard to figure out the notes. Use Jam mode for steady practice. Loop sections for repeated practice.