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Music FAQs

How can I see the piano part when I open a MIDI file in Home Concert Xtreme?
MIDI files have one or more tracks. By default, Home Concert Xtreme attempts to figure out which tracks—if any—belong to the left- and right-hand keyboard parts and displays those tracks in music notation.

If your MIDI file does not display the tracks that you expect to see, open the Mixer and click the Follow button for any track that you would like to see in music notation. To add a second track, hold down the Shift key when you click the second Follow button.

Why does the notation look chaotic in my MIDI file
Some MIDI files were freely recorded without reference to a metronome. In many of these cases, the author of the file did not subsequently reclock the file so that the notes align to local beats and barlines. These files will look strange regardless as to which program tries to open them.

In other cases, the notes are more-or-less in the right place in the file, but the notation looks strange because the display needs quantizing. Use Home Concert Xtreme’s quantization feature to straighten out the notation.