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Classroom Maestro is an intelligent electronic blackboard for classroom and private music studio instruction.

Use a MIDI keyboard, computer monitor or projector, and Classroom Maestro to display:

  • single notes

  • intervals

  • chords

  • chord progressions

  • scales

  • keyboard hand positions

quickly and effectively--including optional analysis!

NOTE: On a 1024 x 768 display, you can show all 88 notes of a piano keyboard on the staff. The staff display changes dimension automatically to accommodate the notes that you play.

Conveniently switch between Classroom Maestro and Home Concert Xtreme to teach your favorite music methods and pieces in a group or private lesson. Use Classroom Maestro with Internet MIDI to teach musical concepts over the Internet!

All you have to do is press a single key on your computer keyboard to tell Classroom Maestro what you want to illustrate. Then, play notes on your MIDI keyboard. Classroom Maestro does the rest--with perfect formatting!

Classroom Maestro is your intelligent, musical servant who understands what key you are in and who knows how to spell notes correctly on the staff, using your choice of grand staff, treble clef, bass clef, or any of the five C clefs. And when you touch just a single key on your computer keyboard, Classroom Maestro will even display an analysis of the notes shown on the staff, including:

  • note names

  • interval names

  • chord names (using either jazz or Roman numeral analysis)

  • scale names (approximately 200 scale names in the database)

Teachers can use Classroom Maestro for any group teaching situation, such as individual music lessons, class piano, instrumental group instruction, music theory, ear training, or general music.

Introduction to Classroom Maestro

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All this for under $70!

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