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Innovative Videos from Dr. Mario Ajero’s PianoPodcast
Dr. Mario Ajero is well known on the Internet for his instructional videos in which he uses Classroom Maestro as an interactive tool to put his points across. He also uses Screenflow to capture sound, video, and on-screen animation.

Dr. Ajero is one of the top providers on Helpouts by Google, a site where students can connect with Ajero for live online piano lessons and teachers can connect with him for live online help with their music technology questions. Visit Mario Ajero on Helpouts if you would like to make an appointment!

How to Play Someone Like You by Adele

(Click the thumbnail to play the video)

Note Dr. Ajero’s use of Classroom Maestro, starting at 1:50.

Basic Chord Symbols at the Piano

(Click the thumbnail to play the video)

At 0:48, Dr. Ajero uses Classroom Maestro to illustrate how to build, notate, and name chords using Classroom Maestro.

How to play Let It Go from Frozen

(Click the thumbnail to play the video)

Note Dr. Ajero’s use of both the on-screen keyboard graphics (including the pedal movement) and the staff display.