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Internet MIDI is an application for Mac and PC that connects any two MIDI instruments together over the Internet. Imagine playing a piano concert in two places at once or teaching a student who is either across town or across the globe.

Internet MIDI works interactively with Skype and provides the premiere solution for long distance teaching and performing using a keyboard instrument.

Setting up Internet MIDI is easy. Just connect your MIDI keyboard or other MIDI instrument to your Mac or PC. Play a few notes and make sure that the on-screen keyboard animates, confirming that the computer is reacting to your playing.

Then, click some notes on Internet MIDI’s on-screen keyboard and make sure that you hear sound coming out of your MIDI keyboard or other designated MIDI output device. Once your instrument is properly connected to your computer, your are ready to connect to another MIDI instrument somewhere else in the world

Establishing a connecting between two MIDI instruments—such as digital pianos or acoustic pianos that have a MIDI feature—is easy. In most cases, all you need to do is establish a buddy name for yourself and set Internet MIDI to go online. Check your Internet MIDI buddy list and see if your Internet MIDI buddy is also online and then click to connect!

Once you have connected your Internet MIDI program to your buddy’s Internet MIDI program, you can play your instrument and your buddy’s instrument simultaneously. Internet MIDI will faithfully transmit every keystroke and pedal movement and all other MIDI messages generated by your instrument. Depending upon the speed of your Internet connection, your performance will be reproduced on the remote instrument within less than half a second, perhaps within a few milliseconds.

By connecting distant instruments in this way, Internet MIDI creates a situation in which the remote person hears you playing the remote instrument as though you were actually in the room. It’s like being in two places at once!

Most people use Internet MIDI simultaneously with a video conferencing program. The video conferencing program enables you to see and speak with your remote musical partner while Internet MIDI handles the transmission of up to 16 channels of MIDI performance data.

Internet MIDI has features that work interactively with Skype. You can set up Internet MIDI to mute the Skype microphone automatically when you play so that you can avoid an audio echo of your performance that may otherwise be generated by Skype. You can even set up your MIDI keyboard to control Skype in other ways, such as to switch between cameras either locally or remotely.

Internet MIDI also works interactively with TimeWarp’s Classroom Maestro program. If Classroom Maestro is installed on both the local and remote computers, you and your remote student can work with Classroom Maestro’s interactive display. Classroom Maestro makes it easy to display and analyze:

  • note names

  • interval names

  • chord names (using either jazz or Roman numeral analysis)

  • scale names (approximately 200 scale names in the database)

  • keyboard hand positions

You can think of Classroom Maestro as an intelligent, interactive whiteboard for displaying musical concepts on the fly.

Classroom Maestro can be ordered directly from the TimeWarp Technologies store.

Introduction to Internet MIDI

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All this for under $70!

If all of this sounds interesting:

  • Click here to order Internet MIDI from the TimeWarp store.

  • Click here to learn the hardware and software requirements of Internet MIDI.

  • Click here to try the demo.

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