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Resources for Music Educators

Welcome to our resource page for music educators. As time goes by, we plan to build out this page will a variety of videos and downloadable resources for both studio teachers and classroom teachers.

If there are resources that you would like to see in the future, please use our contact page to send us your requests.

Piano Pedagogy Technology Project Guide

(Educational Resources : Click the cover open.)

The Piano Pedagogy Technology Project Guide is a resource for college piano pedagogy instructors, written by George F. Litterst and Shana Kirk. It contains 16 term projects that may be assigned to piano pedagogy students. Each project can be completed independently by the students and shared with the class at the end of the term.

Topics range from technology for teaching concerto repertoire, to engaging beginning students with interactive software and MIDI accompaniments, to teaching lessons over the Internet in real time.

Classroom Maestro Lite

Classroom Maestro is a unique software program for classroom and studio teachers. Imagine a musical concept, such as note identification, intervals, scales, chords, or keyboard hand positions. Put your musical fingers on a MIDI keyboard that is attached to your Mac or PC and then start to play. Classroom Maestro will magically and beautifully notate what you play on a musical staff.

Of course we would like to sell you a fully working copy of this remarkable software. However, we’re delighted to offer you and your students a free version called Classroom Maestro Lite that is limited to Single Note mode. Just connect a MIDI keyboard to your Mac or PC, and you are ready to explore the way in which pitches are notated on the staff.

Classroom Maestro Lite will display your choice of treble or bass clef, a grand staff, or any of the C clefs. Classroom Maestro Lite is intelligent and understands key signatures and major/minor modality.

Click here to enjoy the Mac version. | Click here to enjoy the PC version.

Intriguing Links

Here are links to some of our favorite educators and examples of their creative work.

Online Lessons with Mario Ajero

Dr. Mario Ajero has produced some of the most creative, online videos for piano instruction. His production tools include Home Concert Xtreme, Classroom Maestro, and Screenflow. Check out his instructional videos on the “MarioCast” channel on YouTube:

Mario is also one of the top providers on Helpouts by Google, a site where students can connect with Ajero for live online piano lessons and teachers can connect with him for live online help with their music technology questions. Visit Mario Ajero on Helpouts if you would like to make an appointment!